About short-term stay visa application to Japan

Please apply according to your travel purpose.

“Short-term stay visa” is a visa for people who stay for 90 days or less for activities that do not require a reward, such as sightseeing, business, meetings, relatives and acquaintance visits. If the length of stay is more than 90 days (living together with a spouse, studying abroad, etc.), if you are engaged in an activity to receive a reward even if you stay within 90 days (employment, entertainment, etc.) If a training allowance is to be paid, please apply for a visa after obtaining the appropriate Certificate of Eligibility for Residence Status in consultation with the Regional Immigration Bureau in advance.

About general notice matter of application for short-term stay visa and documents submitted

1. Short-term stay visa application (
1) Short-term stay visa application can be accepted three months before the scheduled travel date.
(2) The examination period will be 5 to 7 business days after documents arrive at the embassy in the shortest possible way, but the examination may take one to two months or more, so the examination will be completed by the expected travel date. You may not do so, please make an application early with some spare days.
(3) We can not respond to the request for early issuance according to the desired scheduled travel date.
(4) It is not necessarily the case that a visa will be issued if the documents submitted are complete.
(5) The embassy will never notify us of the reasons for refusal of visa issuance.
We can not contact the embassy.

2. Regarding submitted documents (
1) Submitted documents differ depending on the purpose of travel. Apply for a visa in line with the purpose. If the submitted documents are incomplete, the application will not be accepted. Even if the application is accepted, additional documents may be required.
(2) Please submit the submitted documents in A4 size. For documents other than A4 size, please submit an enlarged or reduced copy to A4 size along with the original (a long and short size in the Philippines may be acceptable).
(3) You do not need a receipt when you obtain various documents. Please remove all with the stapler and submit.
(4) As long as there is no statement such as “copy” “copy”, all submission documents are required in principle the original.
(5) Even in the case of a “relatives visit” case, if the relationship with the relatives exceeds the third degree, prepare the documents submitted in the “Short-term stay visa for visiting acquaintances”.
(6) A visa will not be issued if a false or altered document is submitted.
(7) Submitted documents can not be returned in principle. However, for important documents (such as passports, letters, etc.) that are difficult to reissue, we will respond to your request for return. If you wish to return it, please attach a clear copy together with the original, and submit a statement stating that.
(8) Depending on the application content, the embassy may request additional documents. In this case, if there is no submission within 3 months after the embassy has asked for the documents, the examination will end and only the passport will be returned.

Visa type and purpose and fee
Visa type and purpose HANDLING
) If you are applying for a short-term stay visa for the purpose of sightseeing, you are going for a trip planned by yourself. If you wish to apply for several visas for tourism purposes,please refer to “A few short-term stay visas for Filipino citizens with the 40th anniversary of Japan-ASEAN effective” and submit the documents listed on the same page. need to do it.
1,200 php
(number of visas
2,000 php)

1,200 php
(number of visas
2,000 php)
(2) If
you are applying for a short-term stay visa for visiting relatives that exceed acquaintances and third internity, you may be visiting an acquaintance who lives in Japan or a relative that exceeds third internity.
2,000 php 2,000 php
) If you are applying for a short-term stay visa for visiting relatives within your third degree, you may be visiting a relative in Japan. (Please prepare a document based on 2 if the relationship with the relative to visit exceeds the third degree)
2,000 php 2,000 php
(4) Short-term stay visa for commercial purposes This is
the case when you visit Japan for business meetings, business meetings, business training, etc. with the parent company, sister company and business partners located in Japan. (If your activities include practical training, you will need a Certificate of Eligibility for Residence, regardless of the length of stay.)
1,200 php
(number of visas
2,000 php)

1,200 php
(number of visas
2,000 php)
(5) In
the case of visiting Japan for the purpose of participating and attending seminars and international meetings or meetings among the above-mentioned groups, except for the short-term stay visa commercial meeting for the purpose of the dispatching meeting .
1,200 php 1,200 php
6 Short-term stay visa for visiting US relatives or acquaintances in
Japan It is the case of visiting US soldiers or their spouses stationed at a US military base in Japan.
2,000 php 2,000 php
Short-term residence visa for Japanese spouses or children living in Japan 7 A spouse or a child
who has a long- term residence visa in the Philippines and has submitted a notice of residence to the embassy or other Japanese spouse (Including special adoptives) who travel to Japan in the short term.
1,500 php 1,500 php
8Certificate of Eligibility If you have a
certificate of residence, this is the case for the purpose of staying in Japan with the certificate of eligibility for visa status of residence. (Except in the case of an individual employee who is staying for diplomatic or official purposes)
1,200 php 1,350 php 2,550 php
9 Passage Visa
When traveling to a third country via Japan, this is the case when you stop in Japan for a connection. (Even if it is a transit, if you have a purpose to visit a friend or relative in Japan or a commercial purpose, please apply for a short-term stay visa according to the purpose.
1,200 php 1,200 php
10 Visa for Foreigners in China

In addition to the required documents for each purpose above, please submit a 2-sided copy of the I-card, which can prove that you are staying in the country for a long time by employment, marriage with Filipino, retiree visa, etc. If you are staying on a tourist visa, you can not apply.

2,000 php 1,350 php 3,350 php
1,500 php 1,350 php 2,850 php
2,000 php 1,350 php 3,350 php

※ Visa fee may be changed by the instruction of the Japanese embassy.

Application form download

1 Application Form (Application Form / English only)

2 Application Form-Sample (Example Application Form / English only)

3 Guarantee Letter-Japanese (Certificate of Warranty / Japanese)

4 Guarantee Letter-English

5 Invitation Letter-Japanese (Reason for Invitation / Japanese)

6 Invitation Letter-English

7 List of Applicants-Japanese (Applicant Directory / Japanese)

8 List of Applicants-English

9 Schedule of Stay-Japanese (Schedule of Stay / Japanese)

10 Schedule of Stay-English

11 Company Overview-Japanese (Company / Group Overview Manual / Japanese)

12 Company Overview-English

13 Reason for Requesting Multiple Entry-Japanese

14 Reason for Requesting Multiple Entry-English

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