Tour Outline

Access is excellent in about 20 minutes from any hotel if it is hotel in Mactan Island. Please enjoy the healing of the work with a private spa cottage with antique decoration. Choice according to the condition and purpose of your skin from 4 kinds of aroma oil used for all courses · "Hydrating (hydration supplementation )" "Balancing (balance of skin )" "Nourishing (nutrition supply)" "Farming (Skin resilience) " You will want to choose any!


By request.

Tour Fee

Price Price Decsription Remarks
depends on the request

2 people

Included in price

· Rates for each spa
· Pick up inside Mactan Island (no guide)


★ Oriental touch 【2 hours 30 minutes / PHP3,248】

· Sauna
· Foot Therapy
· Full Body Stone Massage
· Facial Treatment

★ Island Ciesta 【2 hour 10 minutes / PHP2,800】

· Sauna
· Foot Therapy
· Aroma Therapy massage
· Facial treatment

★ Stone massage 【1 hour 10 minutes / PHP1,680】

★ Hilot massage 【1 hour 10 minutes / PHP1,680】

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