Beach Outline

As the name suggests, the motor boat pulls the floating ring in the shape of a banana and runs through the surface of the sea. At the time of rough sea surface, the thrill is perfect as if it were a rodeo like feeling?


depends on request

Tour Fee

Price Price Decsription Remarks
PHP1,250 per person (15 minutes)

2 people

Included in price

· Banana boat (15 minutes)
· Mactan island return shuttle (※ For details, see remarks column)
· Refreshment
· Towel rental
· Shower & fitting room
· Beach cottage use fee
· Cebu Beach Club's swimming pool use fee
· Safety deposit box
· Japan Word staff
· Accident Insurance


★ Additional fee will be charged for transfer except for inside Mactan Island.
Please contact us.

★ There is no child fee.
Regarding children's participation, there are no restrictions on age restrictions because physique also affects. Please inquire individually.

Emergency Contact

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