About visa application to Japan

Applicant must apply for visa according to the purpose of your travel
“Temporary visitor’s visa” is visa for those who plan to stay for not more than 90 days for the purpose of activities such as sightseeing, commercial purpose, conference, and visit to relatives or acquaintances only. It is not allowed in Temporary visitor’s visa activities (employment, entertainment etc.) that earn compensation or training with training allowance or included On the job training.
If the purpose is to stay longer than 90 days (to live with spouse or to study etc.)or to engage in activities (employment, entertainment etc.) that earn compensation even if stay is for 90 days or less; or if a training allowance is paid or included in the training. Please consult with the nearest immigration office in Japan. Obtain the appropriate Certificate of Eligibility (COE) and apply for a visa.


⑴ You can apply tourist visa before 3months your tour schedule.
⑵ Visa processing day is minimum 5 to 7 working day after file to the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines and maximum day is depends of the Embassy. We can’t guarantee you can know result before your tour schedule. You can apply before 3months your tour schedule please apply early with margin of the time.
⑶ Embassy doesn’t have “express” and can’t respond to request of your schedule.
⑷ Visa result is depends of the Embassy even if documents are completed.
⑸ Embassy is not tell to us all the reason for denied of visa and we can not ask to the Embassy.
⑴ Please check to required of Japan visa according to your purpose of go to Japan. Can’t accept document is defect and lack. Then, case by case Embassy ask to additional documents Even is completed documents.
⑵ Embassy accept documents size are A4, long, short only. Please photocopy with these sizes and please submit with original document.
⑶ No need receipt when acquiring documents and please remove all stapler.
⑷ As long as there is no mention of photocopy permission an original document is necessary.
⑸ If visiting relative for beyond 3degree, please prepare “Visiting Friends” documents.
⑹ If you submit fake or altered documents will not be issued visa.
⑺ Documents submitted will not be returned as a general rule.
⑻ Depending on the application content, additional documents may be required. In this ase, if there is no submission after 3monthes since seeking the document by the embassy, the review will be over and passport will be returned only.

Handling fee lists
Handling fee lists HANDLING
①Visa for Tourism
Applicant himself/herself made the arrangements for the travel/tour in Japan. If applicant request a multiple-entry visa for short-term stay, please refer to the requirement at the other page “In celebration of the 40th Year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation”.
(Multiple Visa

(Multiple Visa
②Visit Friends or Distant relatives(beyond 4th degree)
Visiting friends or distant relatives in Japan
2,000php 2,000php
③Visa for Visiting Relatives
Visiting relatives residing in Japan (If the relationship between the applicant and the relative in Japan is beyond third degree, plaease follow the requirements for temporary visitor visa for visiting friend)
2,000php 2,000php
④Visa for Commercial Purpose
Purpose of going to Japan to attend business meetings, conference, training etc. at mother or sister companies and business partners located in Japan. (If practical training is included in the
activity “Certificate of Eligibility” is required regardless of the length of stay.)日
(Multiple Visa

(Multiple Visa
⑤To attend Conference by Private/public Organization
Purpose of going to Japan is attending seminar, international conferences or meetings organized by the above organizations, etc.(except for the commercial conferences)
1,200php 1,200php
⑥Visit Relatives/Friends Invited by US Military Personal(SOFA Status)
Visiting US military or spouse stationed at the US military base in Japan.
2,000php 2,000php
⑦Visa for Spouse of a Japanese National (Temporary Visit)
Purpose is temporary visit in Japan of Spouse/Child(including special adopted child) of a Japanese National living in the Philippines who has a long-term visa status and who submits a report of residency (Zairyu Todoke) at the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines. Applicants for this type of visa(multiple) are not permitted to stay on Japan totally for more than (6) months within one (1) year. If applicants wish to stay for longer period of time, it is necessary to obtain a status of residence.
1,500php 1,500php
⑧Visa for application with Certificate of Eligibility Issued in Japan
Visa application with certificate of Eligibility [as Spouse/Child of Japanese, as Spouse/Child of Permanent Resident, as Long-Term Resident, as Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services, as Trainee, or as Student etc.] for the purpose of residing in Japan.(Except visa application of private staff/employee of person holding Diplomat or Official status in Japan.)
1,200php 1,450php 2,650php
⑨Visa for Transit
Purpose of travel to Japan is stop by or make a short visit to/from another
country. (Please apply for temporary visitor visa according to purpose if visiting friends or relatives in Japan or if reason visit is commercial)
1,200php 1,200php
2,000php 1,450php 3,450php
1,500php 1,450php 2,950php
2,000php 1,450php 3,450php
※ Visa fee may be changed according to instructions of the Japanese embassy
Application form download

Application Form (申請用紙/English only)

Application Form – Sample (申請用紙記入例/English only)

Guarantee Letter – Japanese (身元保証書/日本語)

Guarantee Letter – English

Invitation Letter – Japanese (招へい理由書/日本語)

Invitation Letter – English

List of Applicants – Japanese (申請人名簿/日本語)

List of Applicants – English

Schedule of Stay – Japanese (滞在日程表/日本語)

Schedule of Stay – English

Company Overview – Japanese (会社・団体概要説明書/日本語)

Company Overview – English

Reason for Requesting Multiple Entry – English

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