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Caohagan Island was introduced in a bestseller book “a rich island even if there's nothing”. It is a one-day tour that excites peacefully and healing and enriching life except peppers and fish filled with "Caohagan Island Island Tropical Coral Reef Reserve". ★ Attraction unique to this tour ★ If you participate in this tour, you can enter the private area where you can not normally enter with island hopping. We will also guide you around the village of Caohagan Island so we can catch a glimpse of the islanders' lives. Please do discover the richness that you can see in a simple life without anything. You can also enjoy exchanges with familiar local islanders.


8:30 am Departing the hotel
9:00 am Mali Gon Don Beach Piers departure
9:45 am Arriving Caohagan Island
10:00 am First, while relaxing in the crystal-clear sea of ​​blue "cafe", you will learn about marine life. Unique art that is world-acclaimed "Caohagan• quilt" the look, explore the beautiful island. Please feel the comfort of the many things.
12:00 pm Enjoy a delicious lunch the only of fish and shellfish caught cooked in Caohagan style in the vicinity of the Caohagan Island.
1:30 pm Swimming in the crystal clear sea of Caohagan. Islanders of the guide's takes care accompany the snorkel.
4:00 pm Departing Caohagan Island
4:45 pm Arriving Mactan Island
5:15 pm Arriving hotel

Tour Fee

Price Price Decsription Remarks
PHP9,000 1 person

2 people

Included in price

Mactan Island Hotel - Roundtrip transfer
welcome drink
Caohagan Island Irito fee
BBQ lunch, 1 drink, dessert with
village walking guide


Extra charges will be charged for transfer depending on the residence. Please contact us.

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