Beach Outline

Cebu Island where Spain's streets that had been affected by the period of Spain's reign over 300 years still exist. We will go around the historical spots such as the oldest church of Santoñinyo in the Philippines, Magellan Cross and San Pedro fortress sites built under the rule of Spain . After going through the Carbon Market where Cebu's common people gather , please enjoy shopping at the shopping mall and delicious lunch. Why not explore a little different side of Cebu resort?


8:30 am Hotel departure (Departure time depends on location)
9:30 am San Pedro Fortress ruins
9:45 am Magellan Cross
10:00 am St.Ninho Church
10:30 am Colon Street · Carbon Market (car window)
11:00 am To the shopping mall
12:00 pm Lunch (Philippine cuisine or Chinese buffet)
2:00 pm Arrival at hotel (arrival time varies depending on location)

Tour Fee

Price Price Decsription Remarks
PHP3,300 12 or over

2 people

PHP2,800 3 to 11 years

2 people

Free under 2 years old

2 people

Included in price

· Transfer and transfer
· Japanese guide
· Lunch


The tour will be mixed car.

Emergency Contact

Friendship Tours/Cebu
( 032)345-3459