Beach Outline

Bohol Island 1 day sightseeing tour arriving at a speedboat from Cebu port in less than two hours. The world's smallest eyeglasses "Tasha", 1,268 fantastic conical mountains "Chocolate · Hill", the old port town of the oldest church in the Philippines built in 1596 "Baklayong Church Museum", the Spanish explorer A climax full day tour with Legazpi and local lordship peacefully clushed between the two members "clan memorial cathedral", and a lunch cruise on the Robok River.


7:20 am Departure hotel (departure time will vary depending on location of hotel)
8:20 am Check in at Cebu Port
9:20 am From Cebu port leave for Bohol (Tagbilaran port) with a high speed boat
11:20 am Arrival at Tagbilaran port
12:30 pm Lunch while enjoying Robo Cribber Cruise Lunch
2:10 pm Tasha
2:40 pm Chocolate Hill
4:45 pm Baklayong Church Museum (car window), Clan alliance monument
5:35 pm Leave Tagbilaran port towards Cebu
7:30 pm Arrive at Cebu Port
8:30 pm Hotel return (The return time will vary depending on the location of the hotel)

Tour Fee

Price Price Decsription Remarks
PHP8,000 12 years or over

2 people

PHP7500 3 to 11 years

2 people

Free under 2 years old

2 people

Included in price

· Hotel (Mactan Island · Cebu City) · Cruisephone transfer between Cebu port · Roundtrip
for high-speed boat · Bohol Island guide (English)
· Entrance fee
· Robok Cruise & Lunch


※ Please apply three business days in advance of scheduled date.

※ The tour will be mixed.
If you would like private tours please contact us.

* Please submit a passport copy at the time of application in order to confirm the age of the child. (In order to purchase a ticket for a high-speed boat you need a full name and age in Roman alphabet.)

* The above price will be charged with accompanying English guide.
The price for Japanese guide hope is as follows.
【Bohol Island 1 day sightseeing (with Japanese guide)】
12 years old and over 1 person: 230 US $
3 to 11 years old 1 person: 210 US $ under
2 years free

※ Participation from the Purukura Resort · Alegre Resort is subject to an additional charge We will raise. Please contact us.

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